England! and Scotland!

Well, we’ve made it to our 9th country of the year (Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Iceland, England, Scotland)! This is a personal record for me in one year, though not all of them (or even most) are new. Ideally, we’re going to get to at least 7 or 8 more before the end of the year, but we’ll see!

We’re staying with Luke’s mom (and sister) around Huddersfield (between Manchester and Leeds), but we just got back from a trip up north to Edinburgh (Scotland) and Lindisfarne/Northumberland (England) with Luke’s dad and his wife. It was the first time I had met either of them, but we ended up having a very nice time. Here are just a few pictures from the trip. 

New Lanark, a communist/socialist mill town from the 1800s

A church in Edinburgh’s city center

Edinburgh Castle, probably the inspiration for Casterly Rock from Game of Thrones

Alnwick gardens, which we walked through on our way back south

Alnwick Castle, where Harry Potter and Downtown Abbey have both filmed!

Luke at Lindisfarne castle

All in all our was a great trip and I’d love to go back to Edinburgh again to see Holyrood Palace (the royal residence in Scotland ) and more of the outskirts of town.  Another trip to Lindisfarne would certainly be interesting,  too!


6 thoughts on “England! and Scotland!

  1. You look well Rachel. I said something to you a long time ago at Albion and I’m sorry. Change is coming to a city near you soon, but things are going to get worse before they get better. This country is going to operate on love and diplomacy instead of hate and an endless war. It’s gonna be cray. — CJM

  2. You know I’m jelly Rachel =) I had this idea; it’s just a seed and I haven’t figured out how it would work. It’s based on an organization Warren Buffet founded giving one time grants to people in need. I think its a great idea but the trouble, as I see it, is making it scale. For all his success, Warren Buffet seems to be one person that has kept his feet on the ground. Lawrence Lessig had an idea to form, “A superpact to end all superpacts” based on grass roots donations. How ’bout a super-nonprofit to undertake larger projects in undeserved, underprivileged areas. It could set up trusts to guarantee continued funding; that’s what keeps every private school afloat. Just an idea. You don’t have to put my other comments, or this one, through from moderation. Keep moving 😉

    • LOL… Or just push ’em right through moderation. In ~2006 Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did a special on PBS called ‘Back To School’ or something close. It’s probably been 10 years since I watched it but at the time I remember thinking it was enlightened. So here is a more developed version of that seed; how bout something like a ‘Cloud Club’ or ‘300 Club’, for captains of industry. It could probably work in the US but it might be able to be applied to a UN type model. Take X number of the wealthiest Americans; they are the members of this ‘club’. Entry to this ‘club’ costs some percentage of net wealth; call it 1%. Overtime it should serve as a ‘cap’ to wealth, and at some point (you could model it) these seats will begin to rotate; make the term a year. It’s absolutely a tax, but instead of selling it this way, build a gaudy, ‘Trump-esqe’ monument and call it the “Capitalists Hall of Fame” or something. They can get clay busts of their heads or something and details of their career. The ‘club’ meets maybe quarterly, and it’s members get to decide which projects will gain support. The projects, however, should originate in a more organic manner; maybe through collaborations by college students or something. Maybe it should be called ‘The Redemption Club’. Eh? …You know how Canada got its name? They pulled letters from a hat. C-eh N-eh D-eh =)

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