Back at it (again) 

Well,  let’s see… I’ve left Korea (for the time being) and am currently on the road with my boyfriend, Luke. We spent 5 days in Taiwan before heading to Michigan to see my family. We went tubing down a river,  swam in lakes,  ate too much good food,  probably drank too much good beer, saw my grandparents,  went to Chicago,  Montana,  Niagara Falls, Cleveland, and Boston.  It was a fun, if exhausting, 5 weeks. 

At Lake Michigan

With my family 🙂


Playing some mini-golf in Chicago with friends Max and Meaghan

Enjoying a Montana sunset with Tory

The view heading into Niagara Falls (horseshoe falls)

Currently, we’re sitting on a train heading north on the lady leg of our journey from Ann Arbor,  MI(my family) to Huddersfield, UK (his family). We left at 7:30 am, Tuesday October 4th  Ann Arbor time and will get in at about 2 pm on Thursday,  October 6th UK time, about 49 hours later. We had two long layovers in Boston,  Massachusetts and Reykjavik,  Iceland,  and we were in a hotel last night,  but hardly slept due to a bit of a crazy incident (and the impetus for restarting blogging).  After arriving exhausted from Iceland, we took an Uber to our hotel.  Long story short,  the parking aisles at Heathrow are not lettered alphabetically and we had quite a time finding our driver. We checked into the hotel, changed, and decided we’re hungry enough to go out.  Found an amazing Nepalese place and had lamb, shrimp, and chicken,  plus beer,  for super cheap. Got back to the hotel, showered, and passed out. Suddenly it’s 3 a.m. and Luke and I hear a noise.  Our room had an outer door and a room door. It sounds like someone just opened the our outer door and is shouting. Luke gets up to check,  and yes someone has opened it,  but the chain lock stopped them from getting in.  They are clearly drunk and yelling at us to get out of “their” room.  Luke tells me to dial reception and while I’m doing that,  he talks to them through the door. They ask if we’ve reserved this room,  and he says yes,  we have. I’m trying to dial reception but the phone isn’t connected (of course!). They agree to go back to the desk and Luke and I debate going to the desk, too. We don’t want to walk out, in case they’re robbers and about to mug us,  but we don’t want to leave the room, in case they try to break in while we’re gone. Finally, we agree to just go to reception together and it turns out they double booked the room, gave these people a second key,  and scared the pants off of us. All was fine in the end, and we got the room comped for the night (in the morning, after talking to the manager who seemed horrified). However,  we were so freaked out,  angry,  and so confused on time that neither of us really got back to sleep (after a day and a half of traveling and not sleeping much) .  

To continue the adventures,  when we got to King’s Cross Station. This morning,  our train was canceled! We got bumped to one 30 minutes later,  but with no reserved seats. Unlike in Korea,  there is no “show up and get a seat” policy so we fought/sprinted our way through the crowd to be sure we got seats. Finally, we’re  on our way north to Luke’s family. Definitely an exhausting trip! 


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