And we’re at 29 more days. I will be in FL visiting family for 4 of those days, so 25 more at home and then…Adventure! A new home! Who knows what.

I sent off for my Visa yesterday. I couldn’t get to the FedEx store before then because of the snow and cold (20 some odd inches of snow and sub-zero temps do not make for easy travel). Also, despite having successfully sent out packages with pre-paid return envelopes three times in the last few months, the guy at FedEx told me that it wasn’t possible to pre-pay for return shipping. I was pretty ticked off with him and his inability to be helpful. I walked in and the first thing he did was send me to a computer, despite me saying I had never had success with their online system. Guess what? Within 2 minutes I got an error message and had to redo all the paperwork by hand.

I think this post isn’t making much sense. I have a horrible migraine (the weather is changing just about every 30 seconds) and drank a cup of coffee, took two excedrin migraine pills, and feel wonky. Instead of trying to do anything productive today (like clean or sort through clothes or pack for FL), I’m watching vintage Doctor Who and trying not to puke. So much fun.


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