It’s getting real…

Well, the big news right now is…



Yep, that right there is my ticket to Korea! Lovely MS Paint job, I think 🙂

I’ve been doing training stuff for the last few hours, and I’m getting super excited to go. In the next few weeks, however, I have a lot more to do. I just got back from a very nice trip to Texas to see my Dad’s side of the family

My cousins are the best!

My cousins are the best!

Just outside of Austin

Just outside of Austin

It was great to see my family and do a fair bit of hiking. There was one walk we went on where we all thought our feet were about to fall off. It was SO rocky and we were not very well prepared. The only downside was catching a nasty cold right before we left. I’m mostly better, but my nose still drips like a faucet in the morning (you’re welcome for that lovely image!). Add to that some awful cedar fever and I was a mess the last night we were there.

Now, I’ve just got to get my Visa in Chicago, take a trip to Florida to see the other side of my family (and escape the freezing cold of the midwest! Seriously, the forecast for the next few days is almost entirely single digits), squeeze in a doctor’s appointment, a trip to the travel clinic to get vaccinated, a dentist appointment (ugh. just…ugh.), and, um, uh…OH, RIGHT, JUST PACK UP MY ENTIRE LIFE FOR THE NEXT YEAR. So, you know, no big deal. It feels a little overwhelming right now, but I know I can (and will and must) do it. So here goes; I cannot wait for this adventure to begin!


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