Time Wasting

I’m currently out of work to do, so I figured I’d do a little update…


Pickley goodness, just getting started!

In preparation for Thanksgivukkah, I made a batch of pickled cranberries (that’s probably one of my new favorite blogs- so much pickley goodness!) that will journey up to Lake Ann, MI for my family’s annual Thanksgiving festivities.

That photo is from about two weeks ago. I swapped out orange for lime (because that’s what I had and I’m lazy) and added about an inch of ginger. I just tasted them last night and they are AMAZING. They get much less bitter, have a lovely texture and “pop,” and I anticipate they will be just about perfect in a week.

Also on the DIY front, I made some super exciting holiday gifts for my family and friends. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to keep that a bit tight-lipped until after the holidays. I CAN show you a picture of the process by way of my Kitchen Aide in action (I love it)…whip whip whip…


Yep, that’s something amazing in-process 🙂

Finally, a few photos from a recent walk I took with my family to see the Sand Hill Cranes migrate. We didn’t see many cranes at the park, but on the way to eat some BBQ, we saw a ton in a cornfield on the side of the road. It was great fun for all.


Super lens-flare! But the real point here is the grasses which are tamped down from the birds.


A heart-shaped log from the walk. Or, as my friend Matt said, “A butt!” So mature…


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