Summer review, pt. 2 (and my next big move)

This was the decidedly LESS exciting part of my summer. Once I got back from Europe, I was on a bit of a travel high. I tend to have a bit (lot) of wanderlust. Add to that being under-employed and feeling a lot of pressure to find a “real” job and you’ve got one super anxious Rachel. I spent a lot of time freaking out about jobs and my general life-direction. What if the job I picked/got didn’t set me up to get better jobs in the future? What if no one hired me (this was less realistic, but still a fear)? What if what I did was just flat-out wrong for me?

(This is an aside, but WordPress is telling me that I misspelled “wrong,” and I got a really bad case of semantic satiation. I had to look up how to spell wrong and then be sure it was the word I was really thinking of. COME ON, COFFEE, DO YOUR JOB ALREADY!)

It all ended up (mostly) OK; I got a temporary job archiving photos (setting up a system, importing, editing, and creating metadata filters) and, starting in November, I will be teaching English in South Korea! YAY! I just finished sending in all my visa paperwork and am waiting on a location assignment. I’m pretty excited; I’ve always wanted to travel to Korea and now seems like the perfect time.

The real “end” to my summer was a lovely trip up north with my family. We went to Lake Ann, MI (I know, not the “real” up north) and spent some time in Leland, Empire, and Traverse City. That part of the state is pretty much my favorite place anywhere in the world. I think northern Michigan is so beautiful and I always feel so relaxed when I’m there.

Anywho, here are (some of) the pictures from that trip; it was  a hoot (as my dad would say). Why? Well, what could be wrong when you make freshly caught lake trout over an open fire?Trout cooking


Or when you get to spend time on the beach looking cool?

Esch Road Beach

Or see super cutesy/old-school signs for fish?Fish


Or, and this is probably one of my favorites, get to drift down the Little Platte River into Lake Michigan?


Platte RiverI mean, this place is just beautiful:

Glen Arbor


Ok, that’s for the photo-dump posts, I swear. Also, I’m going to try to start taking more real camera photos, and not the iPhone ones I’ve been doing. I think it’ll be good for me as a photographer and improve things on this here blog of mine 🙂



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