Saturday morning (and now Sunday, too)

(Edit: This post was supposed to be from yesterday, but I was too tired to write coherent sentences, so I put it on hold…now we’re back Sunday morning!)

My Saturday work shift might be the worst; I have 10 hours of sitting at a desk starting at 7:30 a.m. (at least, I’m supposed to; no one ever shows up until 8, so I’m locked out for 30 minutes…I honestly have no idea why they always have me come in so early). Last night I couldn’t get to sleep (maybe because I took a nap yesterday afternoon?) until about 3:15 a.m. so, needless to say, I feel like I got run over by a truck, peeled off the sidewalk, and placed in this chair.


It’s supposed to be lovely out today, which is a nice change from the past week. I’m getting a little fed up with this cold weather in June. Also, some sunshine would be nice. If I weren’t at work, I would want to be out, enjoying this sun. I went for a nice, long walk the other day at one of the many parks in town. The dam was up on the river, so looking down from the bridge was not as pretty as it usually is (the water was GROSS- foamy and filled with debris). I decided to turn around and head upstream, where it was much calmer (though not as pretty).photo 3 (2)

Alright, it was still quite pretty. To the right of where I was standing is a highway bridge, and every time I go over it, I always think that the view is so nice, and I should go down and look at it all up close sometime. I finally did, and it was great!  I wish the sunset had been better, since that’s the best part about driving over that bridge. The sun goes down right over the water, and the reflection and the clouds make for the most amazing 3There were also a ton of these things hanging around. I’m not sure what they are, but I loved the vibrant purple color with mustard accents.

(This is where the Sunday writing begins)

It seems like today is going to be lovely; sunny, warm, and a slight breeze. I have no plans for the day (horray!), so I’m going to make a nice breakfast, some coffee, and try to enjoy this weather as much as possible, before it gets unbearably hot (which it will, I’m sure). What are your plans for the weekend? Structured? Free-form? Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy it!



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