Nichols Arboretum


I have no idea what the name of this peony is; I just think it’s beautiful.

Last night I went with some friends to see the peony gardens at Nichols Arboretum. They have the largest collection of historical peony plants in North America (maybe the world?). It was beautiful and smelled so good. We walked around the arb for a bit and then wandered back to the peony gardens, stopping to make some faerie houses along the way. There is a “faerie hollow” just beyond the peony gardens, and we decided to add to the collection of houses.


This is my contribution to the faerie houses. Sorry it’s so blurry!

So much fun! Afterwards, we went out for some gelato and watched a guy get arrested (entertainment!). All in all, a fun evening.


Here is everyone (except me) looking very lovely, if a little awkward, by the Huron River. L-R, Ellen, Adam, Morgan, and Ethan.

Today is my mom’s birthday, so we are having a little dinner party for her and some of our family friends. The weather finally cleared up and it stopped raining, so maybe we’ll be able to go outside a bit!


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