Reboot, again

It seems like I currently have a bunch of free time on my hands (honestly, mostly at work, since all I do is sit behind a desk), so I figure I’ll give this another shot (again). Since that last post on December 4, a ton has happened. I got into a car crash that morning (ahh! SLOW DOWN if you’re driving in the rain, k?), turned 26 (!), got divorced, gained 10 lbs, graduated with my MSW, and moved apartments (clearly the least exciting thing on this list, oh well). 

One of my post-graduation goals is to write more. I remember after undergrad I felt like it was such a joy to not have to write anything, but then I started to miss it. I figure if I schedule time in for writing/blogging, I will be better about actually doing it (and feel better about myself).

(I love parentheticals)

So, here I am. 26, working as a photographer/AV assistant/front-desk-sitter-extraordinaire, looking for a “real” job. I have no idea what I want to do with myself. No direction. I know I want to travel, and that’s it. Otherwise, I’m open. Ready to go where the wind takes me, but terrified of all options. What if I pick the wrong thing? What if, in picking anything, I’m closing myself off from something else (better)? What if I never know what it is I want to do, and I’m stuck doing some menial task day in and day out for the rest of my life? 

I wish I had had this panic/crisis BEFORE graduate school. Now I just feel like I have a degree and WTF do I do with it? And my life?


I just like this photo, there is no symbolism or anything.




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